Salud Mental

Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and psychosocial factors in men seeking primary healthcare


Ma. Consuelo Espinosa Muñoz
Luz Adriana Orozco Ramírez
José Luis Ybarra Sagarduy


Background. Anxiety and mood disorders are the cause of psychological deterioration in the world. In the case of men, specific somatic symptomatology can be present that indicate depression or anxiety but, because of their masculine socialization, they tend to suppress or minimize their psychological suffering or impose barriers that keep them from identifying their internal emotions and the symptoms of a serious mental issue.

Objective. The purpose of this was to determine whether there are significant relationships between symptoms of anxiety, depression and other psychosocial factors along with the consultation motive of the adult male population who demand first level health care.

Method. The sample considered for this study was 276 male subjects aged 18 to 65 who were attended as outpatients in various health institutions in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. With this sample, the Goldberg Scale of Anxiety and Depression and the Scale of Psychosocial Operation were used.

Results. It was found that 57% (n=157) were diagnosed with a prevalence of anxiety symptoms and 49% (n=135) were diagnosed with symptoms of depression. The results obtained confirm that among the factors that cause these symptoms are life stress, negative exchange among interactions, negative health habits and an economic income lower than 1,000 pesos.

Discussion and conclusion. These results also confirm the relationship among symptoms of anxiety, depression, psychosocial factors and deteriorating health.

Ansiedad, depresión, hombres, factores psicosociales, atención primaria