Editorial policies

Salud Mental receives original manuscripts dealing with various mental health-related topics (such as psychiatry, neurosciences, psychology, epidemiology, and addictions). The submission of a manuscript must be exclusively carried out through this website. Accordingly, results from review processes will be disclosed through this medium.

Since Salud Mental receives a large number of manuscripts, the journal’s Internal Review Board (IRB) will first assess if these meet the established requirements regarding the researches’ methodological quality, relevance, and innovations. Expert peers, who in some cases will be members of the journal’s Editorial Committee, will review manuscripts that meet those requirements. The journal’s editor will also be able to decide on an external peer suggested by the author.

At this stage, i.e., while the assessment is being carried out by the IRB, a manuscript may be: Revisions required, Resubmit for review or Decline submission. In the case of manuscripts sent for peer review, the decision taken may be approved or rejected According to the processes of the journal’s Editorial Coordination, three to four months are needed to arrive to a result of the initial review by the IRB, plus one to two months to have the ruling of the external reviewers.

Salud Mental journal’s contents are immediately made available in Open Access so as to allow for an easy approach to research on mental health as well as accomplishing a better global interchange of knowledge.

Guidelines for Authors

In order to prepare a manuscript, and before sending it to Salud Mental, it is important to carefully read the “Guidelines for Authors” and duly follow them.

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