Quadragesimo Anno (On the 40th Anniversary of Salud Mental)

Héctor Pérez-Rincón García

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17711/SM.0185-3325.2018.001


I am extremely grateful to doctors Medina-Mora and Gómez-Mont, who have decided to devote part of the XII Colloquium on Neuro-Humanities to celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Salud Mental journal, the official organ of this Institute, and the seventy-fifth birthday of its Editorial Director. These two anniversaries that now coincide have very different meanings and their coexistence is due to laws of chance beyond my understanding. There are very few Latin American medical journals that have achieved forty years of uninterrupted publication, while individuals who reach the age their Editorial Director just has, thanks to the advance of medical science and the fact that they were certainly not “those whom the gods love”, now form part of a numerous “fearful flock”.